About Us


PMT Construction LLC and Owner Michael D. Bailey, PE have over 20 years of construction experience on a wide variety of construction projects ranging from small to large. 

PMT Construction LLC prides itself on working with projects from cradle to grave.  Every part of a project from the preliminary design and budgeting to the finishing details of a project are important to deliver a project that is on time and on budget. From spec. houses to custom construction, we work with the client in all cases to achieve the desired end product. We work with professionals at every level of the project to achieve the desired performance and appearance of the structure. 


Proffesional Services



PMT Construction LLC specializes in Construction Management. One of the most important aspects of a successful project is keeping a schedule. Half of a Construction Manager’s job is done before one piece of dirt is moved. This work allows a smooth construction project to occur with minimal surprises. The basic construction management services include: 

· Preliminary Design

· Conceptual Estimating

· Coordination of Design Team

· Bid Procurement

· Contract Administration

· Scheduling

All of these tasks are important. Building a team of professionals from the design team to the contractors is important in every project.

PMT Construction LLC provides consulting services for various aspects of commercial and residential construction. Some of these services include:

· Expert Witnessing in Construction Litigation

· Third Party Quality Control / Quality Assurance Inspections on Construction Projects

· Third Party Progress Inspections on Construction Projects

· Commercial Property Development Business Plans and Estimates